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Hi I’m Amy, I am a Qualified and Registered Nutritionist (BNutr. and ANutr.) helping parents tackle their child’s fussy eating whilst raising them to be intuitive eaters. 

Tackling Fussy Eating in Children eBook

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Tackling Fussy Eating in Children eBook

Do you have a picky eater at home? Does the thought of mealtimes and your child’s eating bring you stress and anxiety? My ebook “Tackling Fussy Eating in Children” is here to help combat your child’s fussy eating and make mealtimes less stressful with 10 strategies to help combat your child’s fussy eating and make mealtimes less stressful and 8 easily actionable steps you can take to raise an intuitive eater. The eBook and sample meal plans are aimed at ages 1-6 but filled with principles and strategies for children of any age.

Thank you soo much Amy! You have a wealth of knowledge and your action plan is awesome, so detailed and thorough. We have started implementing your tips and recommendations and have already seen changes to our sons fussy eating. This is such a great business I know many mums in my position would really appreciate. Best money I’ve ever spent…worth every penny! Thank you
Zoe P



There are several consultation options available to address your needs. We can collaborate through a standard 1-on-1 consultation via Zoom to assist with any child’s eating challenges, whether it’s fussy eating, starting solids, or nutritional assessments. 

If dealing with persistent fussy eating is a significant concern, you might consider exploring my 4 Week Fussy Eating Program

This program is designed to empower frustrated parents to put an end to mealtime battles and transform their fussy eaters into confident and adventurous ones in just 4 weeks.

 If you’re uncertain about which support option is best for your situation, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free discovery call. During this call, we can discuss your specific needs, and I’ll provide guidance on the most effective way for me to assist you.”


Hello everyone, I am Amy, Children’s Nutritionist. I am a Qualified and Registered Nutritionist (BNutr. and ANutr.) after receiving my degree in Nutrition and registration with the Nutrition Society of Australia. I have further studied into fussy eating and evidence-based ways to combat fussy eating in children. Mum of one – my daugher Grace – I have been through what many parents experience – fussy eating. Therefore, I have the knowledge and firsthand experience of dealing with fussy eating and oh my – it can be stressful! I am here to help you out with your child’s nutrition as well as help combat their fussy eating with strategies and approaches that work and are backed by evidence-based studies, to help you feel confident in feeding your child and make mealtimes a pleasant and non stressful experience. The services I can offer to my clients are 1-on-1 coaching calls where you have the option of a 1-hour initial virtual call via Zoom as well as a 30 minute follow up virtual Zoom call. I also have my eBook to help combat fussy eating – Tackling Fussy Eating In Children – which is the next best thing to a 1-on-1 coaching call.
Amy Legge
Children's Nutritionist

"Mealtimes are not just about eating, they are social experiences"

Amy Legge
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