Children's Nutrition Consultations

Book a 1-on-1 virtual session with Amy Legge, The Children's Nutritionist to discuss your needs and strategies in building healthy eating in your child.
Thank you so much Amy for your amazing assistance and reassurance with my 21 month old. I contacted you prior to my second being born to make sure I was offering the right foods etc as I am not the best when it comes to all the right food groups that should be offered. Not only did you help me amazingly but you gave me suggestions on what alternative foods I could be offering to ensure my daughter is getting enough nutrients etc for each meal. I will absolutely be recommending you to all of my friends as you were just fantastic! Thank you again
Renee G


How long do consultations go for?

The initial consultation will be 1 hour in length and follow up consultations will be ½ an hour. Both consultations will be conducted via Zoom.

What to expect in an initial consultation?

In an initial consultation, we will run through what your child is currently eating/their eating habits and I will make an assessment to see if they are reaching their nutritional requirements. I will provide feedback and suggestions on how you can better reach their nutritional requirements if there are areas that are lacking. 

If fussy eating is an issue you are looking to seek help with, I will also provide individualized actionable strategies you can take to tackle your child’s fussy eating behaviour. After the consultation, I will also provide you with an action plan based off what we discussed in our consult, that you can implement to tackle fussy with your child. 

What to expect in a follow-up consultation?

In the follow up consultation I will be checking in to see how you are going with your action plan for fussy eating and/or improving your child’s nutritional intake as well as answering any additional questions you may have.

About Me

Hello everyone, I am Amy the Children’s Nutritionist. I am a Qualified Nutritionist after receiving my Bachelor of Food and Nutrition from La Trobe University in 2019. I further studied into fussy eating and evidence-based ways to combat fussy eating in children. Mum of one – my daugher Grace – I have been through what many parents experience – fussy eating. Therefore, I have the knowledge and firsthand experience of dealing with fussy eating and oh my – it can be stressful!

I am here to help you out with your child’s nutrition as well as help combat their fussy eating with strategies and approaches that work and are backed by evidence-based studies, to help you feel confident in feeding your child and make mealtimes a pleasant and non stressful experience.

Amy Legge
Children's Nutritionist

"Don't expect change to happen overnight - tackling fussy eating will be gradual change."

Amy Legge
My husband and I had a consultation with Amy around my 3yo and his fussy eating particularly relating to the lack of meat he consumed. The strategies Amy talked us through during the consultation were fantastic and not only educational to us as parents, we learnt what his portion sizes should be and they helped us to better understand how our behaviour during meal times was impacting our son’s eating experience. Amy provided us with an extensive action plan that we were able to refer back to as we needed and implement easily enough. My son gradually showed improvement bit by bit and fast forward to today he now asks us for meatballs often and even just yesterday ate sausages at a friends bbq no issues. We are still using Amy’s action plan and are still slowly introducing and exposing him to different meats but the strategies and advice Amy provided us work so we will never go back to our old ways. We can’t thank (or recommend) Amy enough, she is fantastic!
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